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Vises, cubes and accessories

Carminati Morse is a mechanical company that deals with the development and production
of clamping systems for CNC machining centers and machine tools.

Cubes vises and accessories by Carminati Morse

_Standard series Vices and cubes
The cube type is the ideal solution projected by CARMINATI for using contemporaneously 4 vices of the series Europe 99 vertically. Dimensional and compact, assure maximum rigidity to exploit at best the power of C.N. Buildt in stabilized steel, rectified with centesimal tolerance further max precision.
_Vises double/single/self-tightening (3 clamps in 1)
The E.03 vice type is a high precision, modular vice. It has a mechanicalmechanical locking facility, and a covered manoeuvring screw. It can be assembled in three different solutions according to locking requirements. The E.99 type is a very high precision vice with mechanical / oleo-pneumatic locking.
_Vises type SP/SPE clamping descending yaws with mechanical/hidraulics/oleopneumatics
High precision SP.81 vices are made of hardened nickel steel. They are the show-piece of the Carminati production. For holding piece with difficult shapes, the vice is fitted with optional components providing various solutions. The SPE series are modular with each other and with the SP types from which they differ in the carriage and nut.
_Pneumatic vice type
The vice type MIPA. 95/ GP. 76 is the ideal too to block pieces on machine tools and transfer machines in their various stationary positions, for mechanical zork, assemblage or movement of pieces.
_Vises AC/GM with blocking mechanical/oleopneumatics
These vices are wholly built in steel with hardened induction guide. Amongst the characteristics of these vices we bring to your notice the harmonious and modern shape, none less the large opening and the limited overall height.
_Accessories vices
The production range is completed by accessories for the use of cubes and vices necessary for mechanical processing.
Locking systems for drill bits.

Cubes Carminati

Vises double/single/self-tightening (3 clamps in 1)

Vises type SP.81

Vises type SPE.81

Pneumatic vice type

Vises AC/GM with blocking mechanical/oleopneumatics

Mandrel Carminati


Mandrel MT.88

Accessories Carminati