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Vices DSP.81

The vices type DSP.81 are high precision working tools, composable between each other and the traditional SP.81, they are consenting solutions in various blocking situations.

The DSP.81 is to be considered a double vice for processing in series.

They can function with mechanical blocking (DSP.81), with mechanical hydraulic (IDSP.81), with mechanical-mechanical (MDSP.81) and oleopneumatic (ODSP.81).

The position of the bogie is effected by pushing the lside bar arranged on the low part of the leadnut.

Descending jaw return control zero. All buildt in chromium nickel steel, hardened in 58 HRC, rectified.

They assure max precision and perfect function.
At request they can be supplied with reduced jaws to fix the vice sideways.

Product Details

  • Client Name : Vice DSP81 / ODSP.81 / IDSP.81 / MDSP.81
  • Category : Vices
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