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Tenacity and precision
Strength and intelligence

Cube type CE.4.93
Vices type Europa 03
Modular cubes and vices designed,
to guarantee very high precision with mechanical-mechanical locking.
More than 50 years of experience
in vices production
We believe in made in Italy production,
we are a company with many years of experience present on the international market.

High precision mechanical manufacturing company

“CARMINATI MORSE” since ever is occupied in the production of vices

The company based in Brescia has always designs and manufactures for the Italian and international market. It boasts its own and exclusive system, such as to guarantee to users impeccable results in the most varied and specialized precision production needs.

Technologically advanced clamping solutions!

High-precision vices for the mechanical industry!

The Carminati cubes and vices have been designed mainly to solve the problems related to CNC machining centers.


Research & Analysis

Continuous search for technologically advanced solutions.


Problem solving

Cubes and vices designed to solve problems related to numerically controlled machining centers.


Quality made in Italy

Our brand “CARMINATI MORSE” since ever is occupied in the production of vices.

We manufacture and export vices all over the world.

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We are a well-established company on the market with years of experience in the production of made in Italy vices and cubes for CNC machine center.

Quality products

Our mission is to create quality products that are always in step with the technological evolution in the field of mechanics.

Deliveries all over the world

We use the best couriers on the market in order to guarantee safe and fast deliveries.

Technologically advanced mechanical vices

Our production.
Vices, cubes and industrial clamping

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