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Vice SPE 81 with winding trolley

HIGH PRECISION SPE81 economic vices are made of hardened nickel steel. The vice is fitted with optional components. The difference from type SP81 is the winding trolley. Main features: - Descending jaws that clamp the piece on the plate under any conditions; - Jaw return control and wide opening they are particularly useful for toolmakers and for pressing. All parts are grinded, which ensures maximum precision. They come in four models.

THE SPE81 ECONOMIC vice with mechanical-hydraulic closure is called ISPE81, with mechanical-mechanical closure is called MSPE81. Mechanicalhydraulic multiplier inserted in the screw ensure a quick and safe clamping without excessive work.
They come in three models:
– Model 125 with 3000 Kg/F
– Model 150 with 4500 Kg/F
– Model 200 with 5000 Kg/F

SPE81 ECONOMIC vices with oleopneumatic closure are called OSP81. A hydraulic cylinder inserted in the screw and an air-oil pressure multiplier ensure quick and safe clamping, without excessive work for the operator. The slide position can be adjusted by turning the screw with an ordinary wrench. The piece is clamped by operating the lever on the air-oil multiplier.
This makes them particularly suitable for mass-productions.
– MOD. 125 with 2500 Kg/F a 8 BAR.
– MOD. 150 with 4500 Kg/F a 8 BAR.
– MOD. 200 with 5000 Kg/F a 8 BAR.

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